Blackberry Eyelash COATING ESSENCE

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SAFE & RELIABLE INGREDIENTS - Safe & reliable will supply rich nutrition to the eyelashes 


TRUSTWORTHY QUALITY - By numerous pretests, we proved this actually enhances eyelashes growth 


CONVENIENT MICRO-BRUSH - With a soft micro-brush, it is more convenient to use and apply 


RICH MOURISHMENT - 17 different kind of natural extracts will supply rich nutrition without irrtation.


ENHANCES FROM ROOT - By creating moisture layer, this will protect eyelashes and enhances from root to prevent hair losses


DAMAGED CARE - Good for caring the damages caused by irritations and helps to keep the curls after having care.

#1 Korea Black Berry Coating Essence

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    Those who want to have long and rich eyelashes.

    Those who want to have elastic eyelashes.

    Those who need care for damaged eyelashes.

    Those who need nourishment to eyelashes.


    [Main Ingredients]


    POLYGONUM MULTIFLORUM ROOT - Good for skin and lash root, helps to make rich and glowing eyelashes

    HYDROLYZED COLLAGEN - Supplies rich nutrition to lash root and makes eyelashes healthy and elastic.

    CENTELLA ASIATICA EXTRACT - Good for dry damaged eyelashes care, makes eyelashes moist and healthy.

    HYALURONIC ACID - Super moisturizer, protects eyelashes from damages by creating moisture layer